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On The Issues



The role of government is to protect our God-given freedoms in order for people to pursue  life, liberty, and property unless that right infringes upon fellow citizens.  The federal government has explicit powers outlined in the Constitution, and powers not specifically stated are reserved for the States per the 10th amendment.  Many of the powers of the federal government expanded during the 20th century, and as a conservative Republican, my prerogative is that the time is now to reduce that role.


Taxes / Spending

Excessive taxation stifles the economic engine that made America the richest country in the world.  If we are to grow the economy, we don't do that by over-taxing.  We must implement an easy to understand tax plan without the excessive loopholes, and the best way to accomplish that is through a 10% Flat Tax.  It would simplify the tax code and decrease the overall tax burden on the middle class.  


jobs / Economy

The average American wants to work hard, earn a decent living, spend time with family and friends, and live free from the entanglements of an over intrusive federal government.  The Constitution outlines explicit direction as to how far the federal government's reach should extend, and the more it reaches the less hard working Americans get to keep of their hard earned dollar.  This is wrong.  I will fight to keep jobs in America, and to ensure that American companies have the freedom to innovate and be the market leaders they have been over the last 100+ years.


military / defense

The military is the backbone of the freedoms we hold so dear in this country.  As an Army officer veteran I understand the needs of the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen on the front lines.  If we want to maintain our standing as the beacon of freedom, we will continue to support our military through appropriate spending levels and increased innovation.



The right to bear arms is what stands between American citizens' rights being usurped by an overreaching federal government.  Any infringement upon this right stands in stark opposition to the Constitution, and I would vehemently oppose any such legislation.



ABORTION: Life begins at conception, and I value the life of both the mother and the child.  I stand in opposition to arguments made by the Left centered around this being a women's rights issue.  Life either has value at all stages or it does not, and the Left has decided it does not.

TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE: Marriage is between a man and a woman; however, this specific issue should be handled at the state level per the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.  



As an Iraq War combat veteran, I understand the effects of war and service during wartime.  We must make it a priority to turn the deficiencies around within the Department of Veterans Administration.   Former members of the military have sacrificed more than most can comprehend, and we have an obligation to ensure they have the best care possible.